“I have been quite happy with your performance on helping market my practice. You have developed some innovative ideas for promotional pieces and, more importantly, you have listened to my needs and refined them into working concepts. You have shown good creativity and the ability to develop a ‘whole package’ in terms of a marketing plan.”
— Richard A. Klass, Esq.

Robert Matson is a clear thinker, a good writer and an engaging collaborator. He has been professional in all our dealings, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. In addition to being flexible and resourceful in his approach, he was quick to grasp our organization’s mission as well as the task at hand.
— Greg McCaslin, Center for Arts Education

“I like Robert Matson because he listens! and tries to learn about my business. And has helped develop our most successful direct mail campaign to date. Thanks Robert!! In addition he provides clean, correct artwork.”
— Bruce Weiser, Via Tech Publishing Solutions

“Robert is professional, thorough, prompt and most definitely qualified. But most importantly, he is creative.”
— Liz Heller, ASA Communications

“Not only does Robert have the ability to get up to speed quickly on a project, he also thinks conceptually which helps to foster sometimes hidden creative approaches.”
— Peter Lord, GCI Group

“Robert Matson has impressed me as being diligent, energetic, hard working, and of the highest moral character.”
— David M. Graifman

“The client and I were both quite happy with the user guide Robert Matson produced. He was quick and thorough, attended to details, and delivered the project on time. The document he produced was well written, well organized, and accurate. In the course of the project, Robert had direct dealings with my client. His behavior in those dealings was professional and ethical. The people he worked with at the client company found him pleasant to work with as well as competent and reliable, and so did I.”
— Cheryl Morrison, DocuClear

“Robert did an excellent job on our wedding invitations. We believe that the invitation is the ‘first impression’ people get about a wedding. We wanted that impression to say, ‘This wedding is special to us and, hopefully, it will be enjoyable for you to attend.’ Robert’s handmade invitations allowed us to say that to our guests. We received many positive responses but the three most common words used were Beautiful, Cool, and Classy.”
— D.G. & C.H.

“Robert Matson is a master listener who captured the essence of me and my work in my new brochure. Using his experience, expertise and artistry, he guided me toward a finished product that is classy and clean, easily readable and state of the art. I would hire him again in a New York minute.”
— Helen Adrienne, M.S.W.

“Robert Matson was an energetic, efficient worker. Assigned projects were completed in a timely fashion with minimal guidance. There were some innovations that Robert made which will make the transition into this job easier for the new staffer.”
— J. D. Hunter, Union Carbide

“Robert Matson has managed to master the procedures of this corporation as well as the particularly heavy assignment he has held in this short amount of time. Robert is courteous and has the ability to empower himself to go further than the normal; he takes initiative!”
— C. R. DeMaglie, Union Carbide

“Robert Matson has the qualities of excellent character, lively and considerate personality, and exceptional intelligence. I am well enough aquainted with his mind and his capacities of leadership and communication to assure you that his integrity, energy, and generosity will always be highly valued by his employers and fellow workers.”
— John Wright, Ph.D., University of Michigan

“Rob has a natural ability for comprehending and manipulating abstract ideas, as well as immediate facts and problems. A hard worker, Rob is very honest, also — perhaps the most honest and straightforward person I know. He provides an excellent source for thoughtful, honest opinions and observations.”
— Paul Bennett, University of Michigan

“Thank you for your work on the new New York Youth Theatre’s brochure. It was good to work with you. A writer and a consultant with your knowledge and ability is hard to find. You quickly identified our needs and helped us solve many unique problems inherent in advertising and promoting a non-profit youth theatre. We look forward to working with you in the future.”
— Chandra Wood, New York Youth Theatre

“Matson’s presentation not only held the attention of an audience characterized by its diverse levels of technical sophistication; it sparked a lively question and answer session afterward.”
— Mary Ratcliffe, Editorial Freelancers Association

“…On a practical level, Rob has been a diligent and reliable worker and has been trustworthy as a friend.”
— Gary Shiffman, Ph.D.